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Heads of BBGS
Secondary School

Miss Betty Langlands 1893-1895
Miss Bessie Maclay 1895, 1906-1914
Miss Ruth Lewis 1914-1918
Miss Molly Ham 1914-1918
Mrs. W.H. Green 1918-1919
Miss A. Luke 1919-1925
Miss O'Connor 1922
Miss Eva Prouse 1925-1941
Miss Mary Glasgow 1946-1957
Miss Elena M. Cooke 1958-1977
Mrs. Ang Siew Khim 1978-1979
Miss Yeap Gaik Khoom 1980-1993
Mrs Hew Yoon Yew 1993-1995
Pn. Ainul Zaharah bt. Abdul Rahman 1996-1998
Pn. Norma bt. Hashim 1998
Pn. Noor Rezan bt. Bapoo Hashim 1999-present

Primary School 1
Mrs. Chuah Kim Neo 1957-1969
Mrs. Siew Pick Yoke 1969-1979
Mrs. Esther Navarajasingam 1979-1983
Pn. Maheran bt. Kuntom 1984-1991
Pn. Laila bt. Mohd Nor 1992-1995
Pn. Samsiah bt Hj Mat Alang 1995-1996
Pn. Jamilah bt. Iberahim 1997-1998
Pn. Junaidah bt. Tamby Hashim 1999

Primary School 2
Miss Ma Tak Yan 1958-1977
Mrs. Leong Siew Tin 1978-1979
Mrs. Lim Eng Nyun (Acting) 1979-1983
Mrs. Chong Hon Fui 1984-1990
Datin Lili Wong 1990-1993
Pn. Siti Zaharah bt. Mat Shah 1994-1995
Pn. Azmiah bt. Baharom 1996
Pn. Maznah bt. Abdul Hamid 1997-1999
Pn. Hasnah bt. Abas 1999






Pictures and information obtained from the BBGS Golden Heritage CD sleeve.