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Taken from the 1993 and 2000 BBGS School Magazines.

1893 Miss Betty Langlands arrived in Kuala Lumpur and began to teach girls to read at a desolated place in Brickfields.
  continued by Mrs. J.W. Moore
1895 carried on by Miss Bessie Maclay when she arrived from China. She taught Scripture at our school, then known as The Chinese Girls' School (the first girls school in Selangor) at Petaling Hill.
  The school moved to Davidson Road. Four classrooms were placed in the main building while another two were in the Hall.
1898 Miss B. Shirtliff arrived in Penang from New Zealand.
1900 She came to Kuala Lumpur and became a teacher in the Chinese Girls' School.
1914 Miss Bessie Maclay went on leave via U.S.A. The ship was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland and she was drowned.
  Miss R. Lewis and M. Ham carried on the work of our school.
1919 Miss W.H. Green, sister of Miss Shirtliff took over the job
1925 Miss Eva Prouse arrived from Rockhampton, Queensland.
1929/1930 enough funds were raised, the school was moved to a new site at Bukit Bintang Road.

the building was six-roomed with a hall and an office, costing
$15 000

1936 the Board of Governors was formed with Mr. D.A. Angus as the chairman.
1941 the first block was extended to include four classrooms, a staff room and a lab (Biology Lab)
1945, Feb Miss Prouse died in internment.
Oct Miss Glasgow was released, she took leave from school.
  Miss Joo reopened and reorganised the school with an enrolment of 305.
1946, Aug Miss Glasgow returned as the Principal.
1947 the first Fun Fair was held, $5000 was raised for two temporary classrooms nicknamed Buckingham Palace which later became the tuckshop, now replaced by the Canteen Block.
Jan 4th
Eva Prouse Wing was opened.
The Literary and Debating Society and Geographical Society were started.
  a poetry and choral speaking competition were organised.
  a Christian Union met regularly
  Netball and Hockey were introduced.
1951 the school magazine was first published.
  a Girl Guide Company called the 12th Kuala Lumpur Girl Guide Company was formed.
  St. Johns Ambulance Corps. was founded in our school.
  swimming was introduced.
  gas was installed in the laboratories.
1953 opening of the Domestic Science rooms and the Art Wing(now Clinic Block).
1955 extension of two classrooms and a laboratory. (according to 1993 magazine)
  a school library was built (then became the Science Lab) and a larger staff room was allocated. The Chemistry Lab came into existence. (according to 2000 magazine)
  Miss Glasgow was awarded the M.B.E.

the birth of our brother school, the Bukit Bintang Boys' School in Petaling Jaya.

1958 the primary school is moved to a building near Raja Chulan Road.
  Miss Elena Cooke became the first Malaysian principal of BBGS.
1962 the Lee Kuo Chuan Secondary School Hall was officiated by Encik Aminuddin Baki, on September 1st.
  a new Domestic Science block was built.
1963 help from Mr. Soo Putt enabled the old school hall be turned into an air-conditioned library.
  the land behind Prouse Wing was purchased and turned into the school field. The first Sports Day was held.
  the Needlework Club was formed.
1965 House of Economics Society was introduced.
1966 the opening of the Physics laboratory on July 13th
  the Table Tennis club was introduced.
1967 Chess, Judo and Drama Society were formed.
1968 Careers Club was formed.
1969 Economics Society and Sixth Form Art Class were introduced.
1970 The Royal Malaysian Cadet Corps. was introduced.
  Miss Cooke received the Award of Ahli Mangku Negara.
1971 the Canteen Block was built. It houses an Art Room, six classrooms and a canteen.
  the School Library is extended to house the Sixth Form Section.
1972 the Interact Club and Cultural Society were formed.
1974 Hobbies Club and Gymnastics Club were introduced.
  Mr. D.A. Angus retired as the Chairman of the Board of Governors.
1975 Mr. Yeoh Seang Wan took over as the Chairman.
1976 Dance and Movement Club came into being.
Dec 15th
Miss Cooke retired.
  new gymnasium and a Junior Library is built.
  The Yang Di Pertuan Agong bestowed the Award of Kesatrian Mangku Negara upon Miss Cooke.
1994/1995 The staff room and office underwent extensions. The Sixth Form Library is turned into a Media Centre.
1999 the school is officially a Smart School headed by Pn. Noor Rezan bt. Bapoo Hashim.
2000 the school name is officially changed to SMK Seri Bintang Utara effective from January 1st.
2001 the school is moved to a 12.62 hectre site at Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras , Kuala Lumpur.