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In The News

Trying to archive as many articles about BBGS as I can. The online versions of The Star and NSTP do offer archive features but each of them have their own limitations; The Star online archives can only be retrieved for articles dated 30 days from the date of search while the NSTP archive service requires payment.
I may not have much news on my computer now and the layout is not the best way to upkeep if I can find more articles in the future. I do hope that this section does help our fellow ex-BBGSians to keep in touch with any news of BBGS.
I would certainly appreciate it if anyone would like to contribute any articles to this site or any offers to help in setting up a database to archive the articles. Contact point is at .


The Star

Star Metro - January 4, 2001
News - January 30,2001
Star Metro - February 3,2001
Star Metro - May 3, 2001
News - May 7, 2001
Star Metro - August 28, 2001
Opinions - September 1, 2001
Entertainment - November 17, 2001

E-mails/Newsletters Other Sources

BBGS Newsletter #1 - 10 May 2001


Malaysiakini - May 7 2001
International Herald Tribune - Sept 2 1998
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