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How to select a good durian?

1)The fruit should look fresh and the stalks should not look dull and dry.

2)Turn the fruit around in your palms and make sure there are no holes which would indicate that are worms or creepy crawlies inside. Look out also for small triangular cuts which had obviously been made by the seller for a previous customer. Check that the bottom of the durian has not slit open which indicates an over-ripe durian, usually due to heat, transportation and man-handling.



3) Use your sense of smell. If you cannot smell anything from the fruit, it is probably unripe. If you detect an overly strong, fermented odour, the durian is probably overripe. You should be able to detect the bitter-sweet aroma of a deliciously ripe durian.

4) Test the weight of the durian. If it's light, then it's likely to be ripe and vice versa.

5) Shake the durian. If you can feel or hear movement of its contents, then it's most likely to be drier and hence fresher.

6) Knock the durian shell with a knife. A hollow sound indicates its ripeness. Too hollow, and it may be overripe. A solid sound means its unripe.